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CMT is a team of self-funded Missionaries who serve for at least 3 months to two years or more. They provide their own support in an assigned ministry that supports the Colorado Baptist General Convention’s goal that all people in Colorado or visiting Colorado will have an opportunity to hear and a chance to respond to the Gospel. The assignment comes through the Colorado Missions Team office of the Colorado Baptist General Convention.

The Plan


  1. CMT Missionaries serve full-time on a continuous basis in their mission assignments.

  2. The service is for a minimum of three months consecutively and may renew their ministry service indefinitely.

  3. The missionary will provide their own support by raising financial support from family, friends, and related churches, or through retirement income.

  4. CMT Tentmakers use gainful employment to support their ministry bivocationally.

We'd like to visit your area to share the news about CMT. We are available to travel around Colorado to meet with your church, group or association. Visit the 'Contact Us' page and let us know how we can help your ministry.

General Guidelines


  1. All Colorado Missions Team personnel are screened and assigned by the Colorado Missions Team office.

  2. Support funds should be sent through an appropriate non-profit Southern Baptist organization.

  3. Applicants must complete the CMT application forms that include a criminal background check.



Below are some examples of areas of ministry.

  • Associational Coordinator

  • Bible Study Leader

  • Campground Ministry

  • Children's Ministry

  • Church Construction

  • Church Construction Supervisor

  • Church Plant Team Member

  • Church Planter

  • Church Renewal Coordinator

  • Church Strengthener

  • Clothing Ministry

  • College Campus Ministry

  • Cowboy Church Planter

  • CPC Team Member

  • Evangelism Catalyst

  • Food Bank Ministry

  • Homeless Ministry

  • Hospital/Nursing Home Chaplain

  • Market Place Evangelism

  • Multi-housing Ministry

  • Prison Ministry

  • Resort Ministry

  • Senior Adult Ministry

  • Special Events Coordinator

  • Veterans Outreach

  • Youth Ministry

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