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About Us

The Colorado Missions Team program is designed to connect Colorado Missions Team Missionaries with ministry needs in Colorado. Pat and Larry Walker are the coordinators of the Colorado Missions Team under the supervision of Steve Hoekstra. This team serves out of the Colorado Baptist Western Office located in Montrose, CO. Pat and Larry are also the Mission Service Corps Coordinators. Steve Hoekstra is the Colorado Baptist Team Leader for the Western Colorado Office.


Pat and Larry have served as the Colorado Baptist Mission Service Corps Coordinators for more than ten years. The Walkers’ experience was used to help create the Colorado Missions Team. The Colorado Missions Team is designed to enable any Southern Baptist to be assigned to a Colorado ministry to share the Gospel with others and to assist people in their ministry.


Colorado Missions Team is recruiting volunteers called by God to assist Colorado ministry requests. If you need more information about serving or requesting help visit the 'Contact Us' page.

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