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Missionary Request


Missionary Request Process


Colorado Missions Team is a resource to support the strategies of the Colorado Baptists so that people in Colorado will have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel.


If you would like to request a missionary to help with your ministry, follow these steps.

This is really tricky and if you don't follow these instructions correctly you will be submitting a blank form.


   1. Download the pdf form below by saving it to your computer.

   2. Get off of the website and open the form that you just saved to your computer.

   3. Use your computer to complete the form.

   4. Use the SAVE AS feature to save the completed form to your computer.

   5. Close the document.

   6. Open the document back up on your computer to make sure your content was saved.

   7. Submit the form as an attachement to Larry and Pat Walker. Their email address is at              the top of the form you are submitting.


Once your request has been received, we will contact you about having your needs listed on our website along with other websites around the state.

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